The Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 Ideation Challenge 2023

Imagine the year is 2050. What kind of future do you envision? How do you see yourself living in this world?
Imagine a better future and be a part of creating it! Develop a positive, realistic vision for the year 2050 and have your contribution published in the book 'Visionen braucht das Land'!

The book “Visionen braucht das Land” (Visions for the Country) presents a plea for a vision-driven approach to shaping the future, in which forward-thinking individuals develop new positive and realistic visions for Germany in the face of ongoing socio-economic and ecological transformations. Besides you, well-known economists such as Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, director of the Institute of the German Economy, will also publish their visions in the book. You can contribute your own disruptive vision for the year 2050 to the book in the following areas:

  • Education:
    • What should schools and universities look like in 2050?
    • How do we want to shape learning in 2050?
    • What role should lifelong learning play?

  • Work:
    • How do we want to work in 2050?
    • What should be the framework for work in 2050?

  • Technology:
    • What role should technology play in 2050?
    • What role should data play?
    • How do we want to coexist with technology
    • How do we reconcile data and data protection?


As a winner, you will be invited to attend the HSG Alumni Deutschland Conference in Stuttgart from October 12th to 14th, 2023, where the award ceremony will take place. You will receive a complimentary conference ticket, two nights of accommodation in a hotel, and a travel grant of up to €150. Your winning essay will also be published on our website,, with your name credited. Additionally, the winning essays will be considered for inclusion in the book “Visionen braucht das Land,” which is set to be published in 2024. All winners will also have the opportunity to become fellows of Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, the think tank for long-term thinking and action! 

Rules / Criteria:

All young visionaries who are not yet 35 years old at the time of submission are eligible to participate.

Formal Criteria
The submission must be in the form of an essay. The essay should have a length of 1500-5500 words (excluding references and footnotes) and can be submitted in English or German. The structure of the essay should follow the document “Template for Chapter Structure and Example”.

The submitted document should not allow any inference about the submitting person. Therefore, the name, email address, or any other characteristic that could allow identification of the submitting person should not be visible in the document or in the file name.

Original Contribution
Submissions should be made by individuals. Teams of up to two authors can also submit, but only one person can attend the HSG Alumni Germany Conference. Submissions must be written exclusively for the purpose of this competition and must not have been submitted to any other competition or submitted in parallel. We reserve the right to conduct plagiarism checks. Any use of external material must be properly cited. Contributions must be written by the authors themselves. We reserve the right to reject contributions suspected of plagiarism or overuse of AI-based tools.

Submission Date
Contributions can be submitted by email to until July 31, 2023, 11:59 pm.

An interdisciplinary jury will evaluate the submissions after the deadline, taking into account criteria such as creativity, disruptiveness, framing as a “positive realistic vision,” and compliance with the chapter structure.