Education and Learning

Education and learning empower the next generation to choose their path in life, be active citizens, and embrace the opportunities of the digital revolution. In light of rapid technological change, longer working lives, and the need for more sustainable economic models, rethinking how and what we teach and learn is a key component of a New Generational Contract.
Enabling Older Generations to Learn from Younger Generations
We want to question the classical direction of teaching and learning from the old towards the young generation. Going forward, towards the year 2050, we want to open up opportunities for older generations to learn from the young, and for younger generations to teach the old skills, competencies and mindsets unique to younger generations.
Opening Up Access to Education across Generations
Going forward, towards the year 2050, we want continuing education and reskilling to take a far more prominent role in national education systems. Instead of predominantly focusing education on the life phase of youth, we want to enhance access to education across the entire life cycle, to support personal and professional growth in a rapidly shifting world.
Involving the Next Generation in Curriculum Development
Going forward, towards the year 2050, we want to pursue a more co-creative approach to education, where students, i.e., the next generation, collaborate with teachers on curriculum development. Classical distinctions between those who “know what’s to learn” and those who learn should be rethought.

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