Health and Wellbeing

The pandemic is only the most recent and prominent example demonstrating that health care has important intergenerational dimensions. Health data, health care funding, and allocation of scarce resources for research on leading better versus leading longer lives affect the unborn, young and old generations differently. In this workshop – in partnership with Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 – participants will develop visions for the health dimension of a New Generational Contract for the year 2050. How should generations define their mutual responsibilities to ensure future health and well-being?
Health data as a crucial element to improve care and limit cost
Funding of healthcare systems
Organ replacements and continued prolongation of lifespans

We want the older generations to reduce data privacy and contribute their data to improve the healthcare and wellbeing of the younger generations.

We want funding to be balanced between the growing share of expenditures for older generations and the growing burden of financing on the working-age generation, resp. younger generation.

We want to move towards renewable organs (in order to increase quality of life) rather than allowing for unlimited organ replacement.

What do you think?