Humane Technology

Emerging technologies – particularly various applications of Artificial Intelligence and the metaverse – will significantly transform how we live in the year 2050. Yet, it’s up to us to shape how we aim to use technologies going forward and what it means to be human for future generations. In this workshop – in partnership with Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 – participants will develop visions for the technology and innovation dimension of a New Generational Contract for the year 2050. How might we leverage innovation to address intergenerational tensions and shape a humane and responsible use of emerging technologies?
Closing technology-driven divides between generations
Balancing Technological Potentials and Risks
Mobilising the Potential of Emerging Technologies for Future Impact

We want to close technology-driven divides across generations, by investing in lifelong education, technology access and technology design which enables all generations to benefit equally from the potential of technological innovations.

We aspire to strike a reasonable balance between the long-term potential and risks of emerging technologies such as AI, by devising agile rules for their safe, trustworthy and responsible use while fostering innovation and allowing commercialization – enabling current and future generations to benefit from the immense potential of technological developments.

Going forward towards the year 2050, we aspire to shift investment priorities and focus AI research and marketisation more strongly on applications with a long-term social or environmental purpose (e.g., promoting the reforestation of desertified areas), rather than its commercial use in online advertisement and marketplaces. This requires a shift in investment priorities.

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