Young Leaders on Board

Is the future represented on your board?

Average age of a DAX 40 supervisory board chair:

Source: Spencer Stuart (2023)

Only a minuscule proportion of the executives of the leading stock indices ATX, DAX, and SMI are younger than 40 years old (0.1%), while a mere 13.1% are under 50 years of age. Source: Paliaga (2023)

That is why we are on a mission: To integrate young, outstanding leaders in decision-making capacities in future-oriented companies.

How to embed long-term thinking and sustainability  in companies? 
One approach is to include young talents in the decision-making process. 

YLoB offers companies several ways to integrate young leaders into their corporate governance.

Research shows that teams with diverse ages in leadership roles create cognitive tension that promotes learning, and that the younger generation helps bring awareness to a new set of important issues.

Exploring the right way to support every organization: our five instruments

Impact / Involvement
Mentoring and reverse mentoring
Creates cognitive tension that fosters learning
Shadow Board
Brings awareness to a new set of important topics
Young Leader Advisory Council
Less prone to the historical success trap
Non-voting permanent guest
Offers expertise and fosters transparency
Permanent board member
Unlocks essential creativity/flexibility to drive change

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