Technology & Megatrends

How will our society look in 2050 as technology continues to automate further areas of work and life? How far should artificial intelligence be allowed to make its own decisions? What kind of innovations do we need to sustainably feed 10 billion people?

We explore the technological and societal trends that will reshape the world as cross-cutting themes across all application areas. We envision what the future should look like in 2050 and the paths to get there. We initiate discussions that we must have today to experience this future tomorrow.

In 2050, artificial intelligence will lead to many tasks in both private and professional domains no longer being carried out by humans.
In light of the rapidly changing job market, what type of education is necessary to prepare for future careers that have not yet been defined?
The industrialized nations will possess new technologies in 2050 to cope with the challenges of the future.
Global challenges require global solutions. How can we ensure that new technologies benefit poorer regions as well?
By 2050, trillions of devices and sensors will generate data continuously and thus expand our knowledge.
How should we regulate algorithms? What alternative technologies, such as blockchain, can help us with this?

Technologies are developing exponentially, and it is unclear whether we truly understand all of their potential impacts. While technology itself is neutral, the way we use it is not. Therefore, it is important to engage in discussions about these issues now. The insights gained from these discussions can help overcome fears and unlock the potential of the future.