Our team

Dr. Jochen AndritzkyJochen is the Director of the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050. Previously, Jochen was economist at the International Monetary Fund and Secretary General at the German Council of Economic Experts. Jochen is member of the New Bretton Woods Group of the Peterson Institut PIIE as well as the Next Green Macro Group at Bruegel. As co-founder, he coordinates the activities of the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 and contributes to the topic Future of Government.
Dr. Rainer LampeRainer is Senior Partner of Transformation Partner, a consultancy specialized on the health und automotive industries. Rainer is also founder of TPES, a head hunter for leadership positions and specialists. He advises start ups in the health, software and security industries. For more than 10 years, he coordinates the committee to organize the HSG Alumni Conference Germany. As co-founder of the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 he coordinates the Advisory Committee.
Dr. Larissa KarthausLarissa is economist at the Federal Ministry of the Economy and Climate. Previously, she wrote her PhD thesis on corporate finance and corporate governance at the University of St. Gallen and the New York University. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, she is responsible for events and contributes to the clusters Future of Government and Technologie & Trends.
Dr. Christian PfeifferChristian ist Deputy Director of the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050. Previously, he completed his PhD on geoeconomics at the University of St. Gallen. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 he heads the cluster Future of Government and contributes to the topics foreign policy and regulation.
Kaspar AlthausKaspar is CEO of Germany’s largest business caterer aveato and founder of the SaaS/AI startup laekkerAI. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is responsible for the conception and implementation of the digital infrastructure as a digital caretaker, and he leads the Food Systems Cluster.
Michael AlfMichael Alf is an entrepreneur with a focus on digital collaboration, events and metaverse. Michael lives as a digital nomad. At Zukunfts-Fabrik.2050, his main topics are digital collaboration, Future of Work and cross-cutting technological issues.
Nicolas ArbeiterNicolas has worked as a department and project manager, first in accounting firms and later in the DB Group, driving forward topics in the areas of finance, strategy and IT. He is currently working with his startup Cleenr to improve urban cleanliness with the help of artificial intelligence. He supports the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 in the areas of financing, communication and in the technology cluster.
Guido ArndtGuido is the managing director of stromerX GmbH and is establishing a new business model in the field of electromobility in Germany. He is involved with the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 on the topics of mobility, communication and technology.
Steffen BöhmSteffen Böhm is the founder and CEO of Macopa GmbH, a management consulting specialist. He has supported the HSG Alumni Germany Conference since the beginning, especially in the areas of sponsoring and founder pitches. In the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 he is involved in fundraising and in the area of health.
Dr. Sebastian BuschSebastian was CEO and shareholder of a global mid-sized company. He developed an interest in exploring how new technologies are changing the way we live and work around the world. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he focuses on the future of work and fundraising.
Claire DentandClaire is a Bachelor student of Law and Economics at the University of St. Gallen and will start her internship at the Zurich law firm Homburger AG in March 2023. As the winner of the 2022 Ideas Competition, she became a Fellow of Zukunfts-Fabrik.2050 and is involved in the Education and Sustainability Cluster.
Andreas EckertAndreas is an entrepreneur and expert in sales strategy. At the HSG Alumni Germany Conference, he organizes the Founder’s Pitch. For the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is the contact person for start-ups and contributes to the topic Future of Work.
Dr. Stefan EckertFor more than 15 years, Dr. Stefan Eckert has been working in the trade fair industry at Koelnmesse in the Services competence area. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is involved in the Future Food Systems Cluster.
Elisabeth EßbaumerElisabeth is a research associate and doctoral candidate at the University of St. Gallen. She is co-founder of the digital co-working platform www.myConcertrAid.com. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, her main topics are social mobility and the Future of Work.
Lionel FarhaLionel studies Law and Economics at the University of St. Gallen. He interned at Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 in Frankfurt in the summer of 2022 and was involved in organizing the launch conference. He is involved in the Communications team and the sustainable systems cluster and is also president of the student association of Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 at the HSG.
Florian GasserFlorian is a research assistant and deputy admin manager of the Masters in Marketing Management at the University of St. Gallen. He is a member of the GreenTech Alliance and the Academic Jury St. Gallen Symposium. In the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 he is committed to the topics Future of Work, communication and event.
Johanna GermeierJohanna will finish her Bachelor in International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen this summer, but will continue to pursue her studies in St. Gallen. With her involvement as co-president in the student association, in which she will in particular also be responsible for the coordination of events, she would like to complement her academic everyday life with practical experience.
Alexandra GroteAlexandra is a freelance project manager/consultant with years of experience in product management and development of highly technical products. Her heart beats for the manufacturing industry and as a change manager for progress. She is club president of the HSG Alumni Münster/Osnabrück. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 she is active in the Technology & Trends cluster and supports in the area of communication.
Simon HauriSimon studies economics at the University of St. Gallen HSG. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is engaged in the healthcare cluster.
Nils HesseNils Hesse is a trained economist, political scientist and journalist. Over the past 20 years, he has worked for the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Federal Chancellery, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, the BDI and the EU Commission, among others. At Zukunftsfabrik.2050, he contributes to the State cluster.
Philipp HerzogPhilipp studies “Strategy and International Management” at the University of St. Gallen. Through his successful participation in an essay competition, he came to the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050. Due to his previous internship experiences in the field of electromobility as well as education technology, he is part of the clusters for mobility and education.
Prof. Dr. Johannes HirataJohannes has held a professorship in economics at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences since 2009. He was a member of an international expert group for a new development paradigm set up by the government of Bhutan with a UN mandate and is a scientific expert at the Roman Herzog Institute. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is involved in economic issues and in the area of research and methodology.
Dr. Christian HöftbergerChristian is a lawyer and healthcare manager. Among other things, he acts as a board member of IWG – Ideenwelt, Gesundheitsmarkt and Medzentrum. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is the co-lead in the Health cluster.
Prof. Dr. Christian P. HoffmannProf. Dr. Christian P. Hoffmann is Professor of Communication Management at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig. He is also responsible for teaching in the field of political communication at the Institute of Political Science. Hoffmann is academic director of the Center for Research in Financial Communication and co-director of the Center for Digital Participation.
Dr. Martin KöhlerMartin is a lawyer and entrepreneur. After working for many years in one of the top 10 accounting and consulting firms, he advises selected clients and is active in the field of legal tech. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he supports the topic area Technology & Trends.
Julia LoderJulia is a PhD student at the University of St.Gallen. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, she mainly contributes to the topic of (ecological) sustainability and supports the project “Young Leaders on Board”.
Steffen LoschSteffen is an alumnus of Linnaeus University, the University of St. Gallen and the Rotman School of Management. He is an independent management consultant and project manager in the field of digital transformation. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is responsible for the topic area of technology & trends.
Gian Luca MaederGian Luca studies International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen. He is part of the Future of Government cluster and responsible for communication and marketing within the student association of the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 at the HSG.
Dr. Bettina MaischBettina is a professor of entrepreneurship at Munich University of Applied Sciences. “Imagine that the future will be wonderful and it’s all your fault!” At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, Bettina is helping to shape a future worth living in the area of health and food.
Dr. Stefano MerendaStefano is a top management consultant specialized in the digitalization of industrial companies. He supports the energy, construction and mobility sectors in the introduction of new technologies, business models and leadership principles. Previously, he was in senior management at Porsche and BMW. At Zukunftsfabrik, he is active in the Mobility and Cities cluster as well as Technology and Trends.
Jens OstergaardJens Ostergaard is project developer and Ambassador Symbiotic & Innovation within an innovative project in the educational area of SBW Haus des Lernens. He is co-founder and Goodwill Ambassador of the think tank Nordic Bildung in Copenhagen. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 his main topics are education and Global Food System.
Angelique PershonAngelique came to Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 through her successful participation in the idea’s competition. She studied psychology in northern Germany and California, worked for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Bucharest after graduation, and completed an internship in leadership development at the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). She also holds a scholarship from the German Business Foundation (sdw) and is currently completing her master’s degree in psychology at the KU Leuven. She is involved in the Future of Work cluster.
Sebastian PfeifferSebastian Pfeiffer is a young professional in the insurance industry. Following his bachelor studies at HSG (Business Administration ’20), he completed an M.Sc. in Finance at ESADE Business School. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 he supports the Core Team and is involved in the Technology & Trends Cluster.
Dr. Nils RemmelNils is co-founder of the start-up “Management Kits” and accompanies international educational institutions as a consultant, so that high-quality, innovative educational offers are or remain economically viable. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, Nils contributes in the area of education so that ideas about the future are actively carried into society.
Christina Rode-SchubertChristina is the founder and managing partner of ORANGE itb GmbH. Technological topics are her core competence and innovation excellence her passion. She is involved as a mentor in startups and scaleups. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 she contributes to the area of Technology & Trends.
Dr. Michael SanderMichael has been active in the breadth and depth of healthcare for over 20 years. He considers himself a thought leader in Healthcare & Life Sciences and an evangelist for Business Ecosystems. At msg systems ag, he is responsible for Business Development Healthcare Industry. Success and failure in the former dotcom world also make him a credible sparring partner for today’s eHealth start-up and VC scene.
Otto SchellOtto Schell is founder of the Institute for Global Digital Creativity and Relevance (www.igdcr.net), are we relevant tomorrow (www.arewereto.co) and GPerfect (www.gperfect.net). Otto previously worked as an enterprise business architect in the automotive industry and was a board member of the German Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG). In addition to his work as a lecturer at Management Center Innsbruck, HSRM Wiesbaden and FOM Mannheim, he contributes to the Mobility & Cities and Technology & Trends clusters at the Zukunfts-Fabrik.2050.
Katja SchmidKatja is Event & Alumni Relation Manager at HSG Alumni. At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, she is involved in the areas of communication and events.
Hannah SchmitzHannah is and has been a Project Manager, currently for EWOR’s partnerships as a German education start-up and before that, she done the program creation for the St. Gallen Symposium. In parallel to her International Affairs studies, she supervised its partner circle in Germany as an ISC team member. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 she is involved in the team Communications and Cluster Government.
Carola SchüttCarola is active as an asset manager and board member in the German foundation sector. Prior to that, she held various management positions in the financial industry for many years. She is responsible for Fundraising & Partnerships in the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 team and contributes to the topic of social mobility.
Antonia StradenAntonia is a master student of law at the University of St. Gallen and will start her substitute year at the Zurich law firm VISCHER AG in October 2022. She is a grantee of the Swiss Study Foundation. She came to the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 through her successful participation in the idea’s competition. Due to her previous work as president of a youth association and as a consultant at Student Impact, she is part of the Education Technology and Sustainable Systems clusters.
Desislava VasilevaDesislava is a portfolio manager specialized in Infrastructure Investments at KfW IPEX-Bank. She is Vice President of the HSG Alumni Club Rhein-Main. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 she is part of the communication team.
Stephanie von AhlefeldtStephanie studied politics, economics and history in Berlin (Germany), Warwick (UK) and Legon (Ghana). She has worked for the German government for over 25 years (most recently as Director of Energy at the Federal Ministry of Economics). At Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, she contributes to the State and Technology and Trends clusters.
Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Holger K. von Jouanne-Diedrich

Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Holger K. von Jouanne-Diedrich researches and teaches mainly in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the TH Aschaffenburg, whose Competence Center AI he also co-founded. He also shares his expertise as a consultant to internationally active companies in various industries and has been contributing to the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050 since its inception.

Prof. Florian WeigertFlorian is a full professor of financial risk management at the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland. He was an assistant professor at the University of St. Gallen and a visiting researcher at New York University and Georgetown University. For the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, Florian is particularly involved in the clusters “Technology and Trends” and “Education”.
Sina WolffSina is a manager at KPMG and is responsible for SAP & Finance Transformation. For the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, she leads the HSG Alumni Club and is involved in the Government cluster.
Markus ZenkerMarkus studied economics and business engineering and is now an interim manager. Previously, he worked as a manager for the Deutsche Bahn Group and in the consulting industry. At the Zukunft-Fabrik. 2050, he is involved in the field of mobility and supports the overall coordination.
Carl-Friedrich Rico zu KnyphausenRico has been working in logistics for 19 years in various functions. He is currently building out the B2B offering for Zalando’s logistics platform partners. Rico regularly appears at conferences and in the media on the topic of logistics. At the Zukunft-Fabrik.2050, he is responsible for the Future of Work topic area.

We are searching for you!

Intern/ Working student

We are now looking for interns or working students to support us in the further development of Zukunft-Fabrik.2050.

The tasks include:
  • Preparation, support and follow-up of the events of Zukunft-Fabrik.2050
  • Support in fundraising
  • Contributing to the design of the communication channels of Zukunft-Fabrik.2050
  • Preparation of marketing materials
Ideally, you have the following qualifications:
  • Successful studies in business administration or economics, communications or political science from the 2nd semester onwards.
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office, especially Power Point
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Independent working style and high motivation
  • Excellent communication skills

You want to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic and highly motivated team? You want to be responsible for your own topics and tasks right from the start? You want to gain insight into strategy consulting? You want to change the future? Then send us your application documents now to: info@zukunftfabrik2050.de.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone!

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