Sustainable Systems

What should our world look like in 2050 from an ecological point of view? What should our world look like in 2050 from a social perspective? And how do we achieve sustainability goals by 2050?

We analyze the technological and societal trends that impact our ecological and social systems, and devise strategies for achieving our vision of the future in 2050. By initiating the necessary conversations today, we can create the conditions for experiencing this future tomorrow.

Without significant systemic changes, the Earth is projected to warm by 2.0-2.4°C above pre-industrial levels by mid-century, and by 2.7-4.4°C by the end of the century.
How can we empower individuals to protect our planet and adapt to irreversible changes? What changes are needed in our state and economy to ensure a successful ecological and social transformation? And what kind of societal contract is necessary to achieve these goals?
Across the world, numerous individuals lack meaningful opportunities for self-determination.
How do we create equal opportunities across regions in 2050? How do we ensure a fair transition by 2050 in light of multiple, multi-layered, interconnected challenges?
The transformation will involve a rethinking of many systems. We increasingly need the ability to deal with innovation, change and complexity and to master challenges together.
How can we empower and inspire individuals to take responsibility and collaborate sustainably in the face of complexity, and create positive impact?

Many social and political issues are raised by current trends, which we need to address through discourse to prevent increasing polarization of society. Through this discourse, we can gain valuable insights to overcome fears and unlock the potential of the future.

What do you think?

Without active participation in shaping the future, we risk having it determined for us by others. To create the future we desire, it is essential to engage in broad discourse on open questions. Share your thoughts on the following hypotheses for the future in 2050 by voting on Mentimeter and discover what others believe!

Our vision for 2050 is a world where individuals possess the ability to navigate increasing complexity, and take holistic responsibility to address global challenges and create positive impact for future generations.
Our vision for 2050 is a world where everyone contributes to a sustainable and durable system that respects the planetary boundaries.
Our vision for 2050 is a world where all individuals are empowered and encouraged to determine their own destiny, with equal rights and opportunities available to all, permanently.